Students are given 6 hours of on the road instruction to get them familiar and comfortable on the road. Behind the wheel instruction is scheduled after the students complete the classroom lecture. Behind the wheel instruction is given in 3 two hour sessions. Students can only be scheduled to drive if they have a valid Learner's Permit and there is no balance on their account.

  • Do I need a learner’s permit to do the behind the wheel training?

    Yes, all students must have a valid learner’s permit to complete the behind the wheel portion of the program.

  • Do I have to schedule the behind the wheel lessons immediately after I take the classroom portion of the program?

    No, students can contact us at a later time to schedule the behind the wheel training.

  • Do you offer additional behind the wheel driving lessons?

    Yes, we do offer drivers training to individuals seeking additional practice. Please contact our office to learn about our packages.