Behind The Wheel
Students are given 6 hours of on the road instruction to get them familiar and comfortable on the road. Behind the wheel instruction is scheduled after the students complete the classroom lecture. Behind the wheel instruction is given in 3 two hour sessions. Students can only be scheduled to drive if they have a valid Learner's Permit and there is no balance on their account.

Our Services

Driver education is a 36-hour course:  30 hours in class and six hours behind  the wheel. 
Classroom is usually two weeks Monday-Friday. However, there may be special schedules during Holidays or inclement weather. 

Missed Classes
Please note that per the MVA the first day of class is mandatory. If a student misses the first day of class they will not be able to attend that class session. Any other classes missed may be made up in a future session. However, a student may not miss more than 4 days of class. 

Driving Test

Students for an additional fee, can schedule the driving test using our cars. It is sometimes more comfortable for the student taking the test, to use the cars they have been trained on. Please call ahead for availability.
Drivers Improvement 
 Driver Improvement is a one day class for six (6) hours. The 6 hour Driver Improvement course is a class that will satisfy the requirement for individuals who require the class due to a moving violation or notice. Classes are scheduled the last Saturday of every month on site or now online. See link below.
Drivers Education Program
Additional driving lessons and packages are available for purchase, if refreshers are needed.
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